Mission / Vision


The purpose of Fiddlehead School of Arts & Sciences (FSAS) is to facilitate learning through an interdisciplinary approach to the arts and sciences in a safe, creative, fun and loving environment.

Fiddlehead School supports happy and vibrant learners who create and shape their own lives and contribute to the quality of life around them.


Fiddlehead School of Arts & Sciences will provide for the foundational needs of growing children in a community where children, teachers, and families learn together in a nurturing environment.  We are a school that honor children’s curiosities, interests and uniqueness, and facilitate progressive learning at the highest level.  At Fiddlehead, using an inquiry-based model, children will:

  • Facilitate learning at a higher level; to develop the powers of intelligence
  • To encourage children to strive to realize their fullest potential
  • Be prepared for problem-solving
  • Be comfortable with a variety of media and approaches with which they can express themselves.
  • Value who they are and know that they are interconnected with all living things; which will enable them to make mindful and responsible choices.
  • Retain a sense of wonder and curiosity while being able to effectively adapt in an ever changing world.

As a charter school, Fiddlehead will be accessible to all children and offer an opportunity for a unique approach to education; a place where children of diverse background can explore freely; where their interests and insights will be valued and encouraged.  Fiddlehead will achieve a school without walls by continuing to foster relationships through expanded partnership with organizations, individuals and businesses.  We will embrace these community connections in an exchange of knowledge and learning, supporting the development of a sense of place.