3rd grade
Mara Wiggin

Mara has an undergraduate degree in Plant and Soil Sciences, got her M.S. in General & Special Education K-8, and has been working in special education for over 10 years and is excited to be the 3rd Grade Teacher as she has always wanted a classroom full of curious students.. She was drawn to Reggio Emilia’s holistic, place-based, experiential approach toward becoming a lifelong learner.  In her personal life, Mara loves running, biking, gardening, and the beach.

3rd grade
4th grade
Jen D.






4th grade
Val Buteau

Val began studying education while still in high school, after being accepted into a vocational program. She continued on to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She’s been with Fiddlehead School since 2016, and works for Fiddlehead Center in the summer season. She is known for her warm hugs, kind words, and flexibility within our school, having helped in a few different roles since her start here. She enjoys spending time with family, testing her knowledge at trivia, and cooking.

5th grade
Kerry Loupe

Kerry holds a Masters degree in Education from Antioch University and a BA in Creative Writing from the University of New Mexico. Teaching since the late 1990’s, Kerry continues to find joy in helping her students find their unique voices as they navigate this amazing world.

A long-time proponent of place-based learning, she is committed to helping her students find connections to the landscape that they inhabit. She believes in learning alongside her students and in working in concert with them to create a classroom community based on authentic communication, honesty, and compassion.

Kerry moved to Maine from New Mexico in 2007 and has loved reconnecting with this land. A horsewoman and artist, she brings an understanding of the ways in which we communicate energetically to the classroom.

5th grade
Stacie Riechel

Stacie’s career in education began as a parent volunteer where she discovered a love of working with children in an academic setting. This transformed into several years of substitute teaching in grades K–8 and then for two years as a Spanish teacher for grades K–2. Outside of the classroom, Stacie enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, hiking, biking, downhill skiing, reading, and dancing around the house with her husband and three children.






John Wensman 5TH 6TH GRADE TEACHER5th/6th grade
John Wensman

John earned a BA in English and French from the University of Minnesota and an MAT from Brown University. He taught in public, independent, and international schools before moving to Maine to join the experiential, place based, Coastal Studies for Girls semester school. He is enthusiastic about working with young people to create purposeful learning experiences. Beyond school he’s passionate about coffee, running, music, and exploring Maine’s coastline on foot or by kayak.