RTI Team
Title I Coordinator
Jennifer Merrill

Jennifer began volunteering in school in 1995 when her youngest child started Kindergarten.  It was through volunteering that she realized how much she loved teaching children to read.  In 2007 when her children were older, she began working at a large k-3 school, providing academic support in reading and math.  She came to Fiddlehead school in 2017 and was the second grade Teacher Assistant for 2 years, and in 2019 starts a new position as the RTI Specialist and Title I Coordinator.

Jennifer lives in Windham with her husband and has 4 adult children.  She enjoys singing, dancing, knitting, reading, watching hockey, gardening, kayaking, and the beach.

RTI Specialist
Hayley Jordan

Hayley Jordan has been at Fiddlehead School of Arts & Sciences since October 2020 when she joined as a Special Education teacher’s aide. Last September, when a position became available, she made the leap into RTI and has been greatly enjoying it since.

Hayley has her BS in Elementary Education with a concentration in Language Arts Literacy. She worked for many years as a Pre-K teacher and has also worked as a special education ed tech in a Gateway program for high needs children.

Hayley loves crafting and is always looking to learn a new one. She currently crochets, knits, sews, and needle felts. She is always happy to share what she knows with anyone else. When not at home crafting, she can be found with her family at one of their favorite lakes, splashing in water in the summer or going for quiet walks on the ice in the winter. Hayley lives with her husband, Leigh and their three little “Fiddleheaders” Gabe, Wyatt, and Elijah.

RTI Specialist
Alison Curwen

Alison’s career has centered on service as a Learning and Academic Support Specialist. Early difficulties in learning to read inspired her to pursue a graduate degree in education, write her thesis on alternative assessments for reading, and earn a Reading Specialist credential as well. Teaching has allowed her to live in many places. Core threads through these diverse experiences are a consistent ability to create a positive learning environment and a commitment to helping all students develop their skills and achieve their potential.

Alison loves being part of small intentional communities, where she contributes beyond the classroom. She has volunteered as a firefighter in Washington, track and field coach in California, companion for the elderly in the U.K., director of an arts foundation, and stroke and turn official at countless swim meets here and abroad. In each place, you might also find her in search of snow for a bit of skiing, in downward dog on a mat, or giddy in an independent bookstore.